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Sewing Bettine

I found Tilly & the Buttons’ Bettine the perfect first foray into the world of patterns. A simple dress, with a round neck, short sleeves, elasticated waistband and tulip-style skirt.  It may not be the perfect shape for me personally but it’s a great garment to kick-off with.

I made the plain version, which is easy-peasy and super-customisable. I love the pocket version but didn’t want them to draw attention to my hips (the bane of my life), especially with a tulip-style skirt.


I found the instructions simple and the sizing correct (phew).  I did take a bit of a risk using a slinky jersey knit on my first attempt at following a pattern – eek. It was also my first attempt at sewing with stretch (fabric courtesy of Mermaid Fabrics, Hackney), so my stitching did go awry on occasion, but the colour hid a multitude of sins.

With a couple of hiccups and 8 hours (!) later, I had my finished product…



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